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Karen Theresa Curtis : on the cusp of social change for the free colored of christiansted, St. Croix, former Danish West Indies 1800-1816 / Elizabeth Rezende
En: La torre / Tercera época, (ISSN 0040-9588) año. 12, núm. 46; oct-dic. 2007: p 667-680. bibl. il. mapa.
Revista: La torre / Tercera época, año. 12, núm. 46; oct-dic. 2007.
Resumen: Karen Theresa Curtis was a free colored woman in Christiansted, St. Croix, the former Danish West Indies. She was born an enslaved African whose mother purchased her freedom. During her teenage years she assisted her mother by baking confections for her father´s shop. At the death of her mother, Karen ran her own confectionery business with the assistance of enslaved Africans. She was the daughter of a free colored agitator and the wife of one of the leaders of the free colored men who had demanded greater civil rights for the Free Colored of the Danish West Indies. They had agitated for greater equality by creating a disturbance in the Free Gut. Later, they wrote an appeal to the Danish King, seeking their full civil rights. This paper examines the lifestyles and entrepreneurial skills of Karen Theresa Curtis as a businesswoman managing her own hucksters. While the free colored men were protesting their lack of civil rights, the women engaged in commerce were protected by no rights and were experiencing their own problems in defending their property.
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