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Inkle & Yarico : an allegory for indigenous and afro-caribbean resistance to colonialism and slavery in the eastern caribbean / C. González-López, J.A. Santiago-Espinoza, Y. Santiago-Ríos
En: La torre / Tercera época, (ISSN 0040-9588) año. 12, núm. 46; oct-dic. 2007: p 641-656. bibl.
Revista: La torre / Tercera época, año. 12, núm. 46; oct-dic. 2007.
Resumen: In this paper, we explore the continuity of traditions of resistance to colonialism and slavery from indigenous peoples to Afro-Caribbean peoples in the Eastern Caribbean. Using the literary motif of Inkle and Yarico as a model, we document and analyze the establishment of networks and foci of resistance outside of the plantation economy (such as Maroon settlements) as well as within the slave economy (such as subsistence gardens) first by indigenous peoples of the Caribbean, and then by Afro-Caribbean peoples. We demonstrate how on various Eastern Caribbean islands, including St. Vicent, Dominica, Montserrat and St. Croix, the evidence points to the establishment of strategies of resistance first by indigenous peoples which are gradually adopted by escaped Afro-Caribbean slaves who found refuge in indigenous settlements. Eventually, through intermarriage, most indigenous peoples were genetically assimilated into Afro-Caribbean stock, but their traditions of resistance survived in the form of an Afro-indigenous culture of opposition, which successfully kept European colonialism at bay in the Eastern Caribbean for centuries.
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