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Media pop art (recurso electrónico) : electronic art as satire on everday’s life / Robert Praxmarer
En: [Río Piedras, P.R. : Teknokultura : revista on line], (ISSN 1549-2230) Consultado en 02 de sept. de 2011: bibl. il.
Revista: Sitio en Internet Teknokultura : revista on line , vol. 4; 2004-2005
Resumen: In this paper I will give an outline of my practice as a young media artist and introduce some of my strategies, thoughts and works. I will try to formulate my subjective view of media culture and media art with a special focus on game art . On the basis of some illustrative works I will introduce the term Media Pop Art, and highlight the importance of socio-political aims in my works.
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