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Chemical deposits in caves : a new tool to study ecosystems
En: FOCUS, año 5, núm. 1-2; 2007: p 87-99. bibl. il. fotos.
Revista: Focus, año 5, núm. 1-2; 2007
Resumen: Caves are among the Earth's most important minerogenetic environments and now over 300 minerals are known to develop inside natural cavities.It is surely true that spleothems are the major aesthetic attraction of a cave, but their scientific importance is even higher.In fact, speleothems proved to be the best archive to reconstruct paleo-climates, paleo-environments and paleo-sesmicity within the Quaternary.Most of the research has been done by using the characteristics of the calcium carbonate speleothems.Yet, reconsidered important markers for palaeo-environmental studies.The present paper presents a short, updated overview of the principal palaeo-environmental studies which can be performed by using cave speleothems, particulary the non carbonate ones.
Palabras Claves: Palabras claves: Speleothems, karst minerology, paleosismicity, paleoclimate, paleoenvironment.
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