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Juan Tizol : his talents, his collaborators, his legacy
En: CENTRO DE ESTUDIOS PUERTORRIQUEÑOS, vol. 18, núm. 2; Fall 2006: p 82-99. bibl. fotos.
Revista: Centro de Estudios Puertorriquenõs Bulletin, vol. 18, núm. 2; Fall 2006.
Resumen: JuanTizol is often remembered as the famed trombonist who composed the jazz evergreens known as Caravan and Perdido. Few know that this enigmatic figure was a multifaceted talent who lived an extraordinary life en the world of music, and who was a native of Puerto Rico who divided hsi life into four broad segments, the first 20 years in his native homeland, the next several years in Washington, D.C., the third in New York City, and finally the fourth segment in Los Angeles. From these different venues, Tizol acquired an abundance of musical experiences that permitted him to make a contribution that has been described as one whose Latin American touch changed the Duke Ellington Orchestra -- and the history of jazz. This article provides the reader with greater details of Juan Tizols contributions as an trombonist, composer, and music transcriber.
Palabras Claves: Palabras claves: Jazz, LatinJazz, Puerto Rican music, music.
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