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A closer look (recurso electrónico) : santos from Puerto Rico, santos from the Vidal Collection, National Museum of American History / by Jia-sun Tsang
En: SITIO EN INTERNET : Smithsonian Center for Materials Research and Education, 1998.
Revista: Sitio en Internet
Resumen: The purpose of this monograph is not necessarily to provide a historical perspective of these artifacts, although that is certainly one result of the investigations of them. Nor does it attempt to provide cultural meaning regarding the use and function of santos. Instead it focuses on and informs the reader on the material nature of them in the hope that is contributes to both understanding and preserving them through more informed use and care. In order to understand artifacts, we must know as much as possible about their context. To preserve them, we must recognize their physical nature - what they were made from and what condition they are in and the circumstances in which they will exist. The circle is then complete: in accomplishing the latter, we fulfill the former.
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