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The efficacy of oxamniquine in acute schistosomiasis : a A clinical analysis of 28 treated patients
En: BOLETIN DE LA ASOCIACION MEDICA DE PUERTO RICO, 89 (4-6) abr-jun. 1997: 63-69. bibl. tablas.
Revista: Boletín de la Asociación Médica de Puerto Rico, vol. 89, núm. 4-6; abr-jun. 1997
Resumen: During the summer of 1980, Manson's Schistosomiasis occurred in 28 pediatric patients, swimming in two ponds with no watershed connections between them, in the rural area of Juncos and Cidra, Puerto Rico.
Resumen: Clinical and immunological events were studied and Oxamniquine (Vansil, Pfizer) was administered to all of them followed closely for 3 years.
Resumen: Fever and general malaise recorded in 93% of the patients, diarrhea and abdominal pain in 68% and urticaria or facial edema in 64%. Hepato and/or splenomegaly was recorded in 71% of them.
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