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Revestidos de misericordia El visitante, año 23, núm. 10; 1997
Review interamericana Universidad Interamericana de Puerto Rico
Review of clinical characteristics and management of patients with ST segment elevation myocardial infraction at a tertiary care center Sánchez, Magda Cox, Rafael A. Rodríguez, José M Pérez, Cynthia M. Puerto Rico health sciences journal, vol. 25, núm. 3; Sept. 2006
Review of the Biology of Melittobia acasta (Walker) (Hymenoptera : Eulophidae) and Additions on Development and Sex Ratio of the Species González, Jorge M. Terán, Jorge B. Matthews, Robert W. vol. 40, núm. 1; Apr. 2004 Caribbean journal of science,
Review of the ceratocapsus of Cuba, with descriptions of three new species and a neotype designation for c. cubanus bergroth (heteroptera : miridae : orthotylinae) Hernández, Luis M. Henry, Thomas J. Caribbean journal of science, vol. 35, núm. 3-4; Dec. 1999
Review of the Distribution of Exotic Earthworms (Annelida, Oligochaeta) in Argentina and Confirmed Examples of their Introduction Mischis, Catalina C. Herrera Julio A. D. Caribbean journal of science, vol. 42, núm. 3; 2006.
Review of the fishes of the genus synagrops from the tropical western atlantic perciformes : acropomatidae Mejía, Luz Stella Roa, Adela Acero, Arturo Saavedra, Lina Caribbean journal of science, vol. 37, núm. 3-4; Dec. 2001
Review of the Polychaete Genus Namanereis (Nereididdae) in the Caribbean Region, with a record of N. hummelincki from Deep Freshwater Wells on Barbados Williams, D. Duddley Caribbean journal of science, vol. 40, núm. 3; Dec. 2004
Review of the subspecific status and origin of introduced finches in Puerto Rico Moreno, Jorge A. Caribbean journal of science, vol. 33, núm. 3-4; Dec. 1997
Review of the Western Atlantic Porcellanidae (Crustacea:Decapoda:Anomura) with New Records, Systematic Observation, and comments on Biogeography Rodríguez,Irene Teresa Hérnandez,Gonzalo Felder,Darryl L. Caribbean journal of science, vol. 41, núm. 3; Dec. 2005
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